Environmental policy

SUBJECT: Company environmental policy

RECIPIENTS: The entire organisation of BRAMBATI SpA

BRAMBATI SpA has decided to adopt a Quality and Environment Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, with a strong commitment to strictly conform to the principles which it is based on, both from a strategic and operational perspective.

By obtaining the certifications, the company aims to guarantee the effective functioning of its processes and compliance with regulatory requirements.

BRAMBATI SpA Management is indeed convinced that a responsible economic strategy, aimed at the environmental issues deriving from its activities, is a key to success in the business carried out.

In carrying out its activities, the Company pays great attention to the quality of products and services, to profitability, to environmental sustainability and to the protection of health and safety of all personnel working under the control of the organisation.

BRAMBATI SpA intends to:

ü significantly strengthen its market position

ü operate on a territory that is larger than that currently served

ü diversify and integrate its range of products and services

BRAMBATI SpA undertakes to pursue objectives aimed at:

ü fulfilling the expectations of customers and all stakeholders, supplying products and services in a reliable manner, with the utmost attention on the safety of their employees and third parties

ü motivating and enhancing the potential of their human resources

ü always complying with the applicable regulatory requirements and guaranteeing constant commitment to the environmental sustainability of the products and services offered, and the protection of workers.

To achieve the desired effectiveness in the efficiency of business processes, BRAMBATI SpA aims for improvement goals which are measurable by means of adequate indicators and consistent with the principles underlying its own policy, so as to guarantee product quality, customer satisfaction and the reduction of any significant impact on the environment.

The same environmental and quality policy document is periodically reviewed to make it suitable for any changes made within the company and is made available to all stakeholders.

Likewise, attention to the awareness of its personnel on issues related to Quality and the Environment ensures compliance with the procedures that the company has defined, and the relevant requirements set forth in the authorisations obtained, in order to carry out work in compliance with the regulations applicable to the sector.

BRAMBATI SpA considers it a priority to pursue technological innovation, compatibly with company resources, so as to obtain the best performance of its processes and the product, while assessing its possible effects on the surrounding environment, giving importance to management methods that allow any significant impact to be reduced.

The adoption of in-house monitoring systems makes it possible to continuously monitor the company business, so as to allow possible deviations from its objectives to be preventively identified.

The Management System guarantees that none of the environmental aspects considered can constitute a source of danger for the surrounding area or any violation of the standards applicable to its sector, and adopts suitable methods to prevent potential adverse impacts on the environment

The quality of BRAMBATI SpA products and services is one of the key factors that have allowed the business carried out to be successful.

All the collaborators are therefore urged to make their own contribution, operating in compliance with the duties and established procedures, so that the company can:

ü strive for maximum customer satisfaction through the principles of professionalism, fairness, flexibility and respect

ü offer the customer a service that gives priority to value for money, in compliance with the numerous legal requirements, while maintaining a standard that is always higher than the required parameters

ü operate in compliance with the provisions on safety and adequacy of the work environment, to prevent risks of accident

ü adopt new commercial and marketing policies aimed at territorial expansion and image improvement by increasing the sales network

ü optimise its work processes

ü be ready to manage market changes

ü get properly organised to best meet customers’ expectations and requirements by containing operating costs

ü raise awareness within the entire organisation that working with the aim of achieving continuous improvement and long-lasting success can only be beneficial to the customers and therefore, to the entire company

ü offer full availability and absolute rigour in the timely resolution of any problems

ü ensure that the Quality and Environment policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the organisation and that the system is supported by periodic, systematic training and education activities

ü guarantee a constant and continuous desire to produce innovative and highly ecological products

ü offer an adequate management system to monitor the environmental impacts of its activities (emissions, wastewater, hazardous substances, risks of accident, production waste, energy consumption, etc.)

ü systematically seek improvement in a consistent, effective and sustainable way

ü continuously invest in systems, vehicles and equipment to improve product quality and optimise production so as to curb costs and the risk of undesirable environmental events

ü c ontinuously invest in training all internal resources, so as to guarantee their skills are continuously updated and to provide services that fulfil customer satisfaction and involve the least adverse impact on the environment and work in safe conditions

ü strive to unify the different management aspects, to spread awareness that management systems are part of a single company project.

The Policy requires not only great commitment for the products and services to be absolutely efficient, but the total collaboration and attention of all operators as well.

We are at your full disposal for any clarification or suggestions.

Codevilla, July 2019