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A look to the future

A look to the future

From 1945 to 2015, passing through periods of history, industrial revolutions, investments and major principles, Brambati celebrates its 70th year of activity in the area of industrial food and coffee plants as a leader in these fields. To mark this occasion, this historic family business launches a new website that brings Brambati closer to its audience, and represents the digital environment in which tradition, history and passion of this historic Italian company are described and implemented.

For the first time in more than half a century, information about the company's industry expertise is made accessible to the public, to employees and to customers in the form of explanatory graphics, photographs, footage and descriptions of its repertoire of industrial activity in its various forms: coffee processing, pasta and confectionery products and systems for the chemical and plastics industries. It is this fundamental basis laid down in the past which renders a solid future for this family company with a respected name both in our nation and throughout the world.