Sustainability Policy

Brambati S.p.A. undertakes to provide products of the highest quality, in compliance with the best principles of sustainability, professionality, fairness, efficiency and environmental preservation. For this purpose, Brambati S.p.A. has endowed itself with an integrated quality management system (IQMS) compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, and adopted a Code of Ethics that illustrates the principles with which the performance of the corporate activities is compliant.

Brambati S.p.A. has been active for over 70 years in the food industry, specifically in the confectionery, biscuit factories, bakeries, pasta factories, baby food and in the coffee industry, in full compliance with the principles of quality, sustainability, environmental protection and preservation, health and safety of workers and in accordance with the strictest criteria of impartiality, functionality and objectivity.

Brambati S.p.A. undertakes to ensure compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations regarding environmental, social and health and safety in the workplace issues, and undertakes to pursue continuous improvement, aimed at reducing environmental impact (direct and indirect) to a level that corresponds to the economically feasible application of the best available technology.

Brambati S.p.A. bases its work on the principles of "sustainable development", where the environment is considered of fundamental importance in the process of economic and social development and in the valorisation of the territory, and carries out its own activities by guaranteeing the prevention, removal or reduction of those phenomena that may cause events of environmental emergency.

Brambati S.p.A. operates in its territory and contributes to the well-being and prosperity of the community by offering adequately paid work, by purchasing quality goods and services, by fulfilling fiscal and contributory obligations and by complying with the applicable regulations, by using resources in a sustainable and efficient way, thus creating value that strengthens the territorial capital and improves the social, environmental and economic context.

General Sustainable Development objectives

Brambati S.p.A. is aware of the fact that it is part of the broader system of the local community in which it operates, and its awareness leads the company to cooperate in synergy with the various actors that are part of said community, so that compliance with the rules is guaranteed and a culture of respect for the entire society is disseminated.

Brambati S.p.A. conceives sustainable development as an opportunity for economic growth, valorisation of the company and of the personnel working in it, thus ensuring the complete satisfaction of customers and stakeholders. This is why the Management is committed to supporting customers in achieving their sustainability objectives, by producing a virtuous circle of good practices, by strengthening its reputation and relations with all stakeholders and by proving the quality of its actions transparently.

The company pursues these goals through a series of best practices: policies for equal gender opportunities, attention and protection of the stakeholder, adoption of the ISO 14001:2015 standard with the aims of preventing waste generation, differentiating, reducing energy consumption, optimising the use of spaces, resources and equipment and much more.

Specific Sustainable Development objectives

Brambati S.p.A. undertakes to perform its activities by taking into consideration the necessary balance among the generated social, economic and environmental impacts, by supervising quality and compliance with sustainability policies within the whole supply chain, by promoting innovation in the design of practices in order to reduce waste and consumption, by capitalising on experience for the development of new products.

All of this is possible by activating an internal control on all the phases of product designing and manufacturing, aimed at reducing risks from an economic, environmental and social point of view and at promoting the decreased consumption of energy and materials.

Specifically, Brambati S.p.A. aims at:

• Disseminating the sustainable development policy and the system of values, so as to make them known at a company level and by stakeholders, in order to encourage the sharing of intentions and to improve awareness and co-responsibility in the managing of activities;

• Continuously training and informing human resources so as to disseminate and make knowledge circulate, to make data and management methodologies accessible, to share a system of values and sustainability objectives, for the purposes of a “proficient and conscious action”;

• Monitoring the efficiency of processes by clearly defining roles and responsibilities, operating methods and indicators;

• Defining for each product: impact analysis, stakeholder involvement, assessment of positive and negative impacts, risk/opportunity analysis, for the purposes of implementing continuously improving actions and performance optimisation;

• Meeting contractual commitments and mandatory requirements;

• Ensuring compliance with the legislation on safety in the workplace;

• Involving and satisfying interested parties, prioritising those products and services that are made and distributed in a sustainable way by sharing sustainability practices with stakeholders and with the supply chain;

• Committing to the achievement of sustainable development objectives and to the general implementation of the policy, through the assessment of risks/opportunities, the definition of strategies, the control and monitoring of objectives, the allocation and arrangement of resources, the annual reassessment of the policy when reviewing the system.

Date Codevilla, 11/06/2020.

The Management Brambati S.p.A.