BRAMBATI Customer service

To ensure quick and efficient assistance to our customers throughout the world, Brambati has introduced a new, advanced Customer Care service

Telephone Line

The numbers for service are

800 194 971 (toll-free) for calls from Italy

+39 0383 1925009 for calls from outside of Italy

To quickly access the service, please prepare the following information before calling:

  • Company information
  • Customer code (assigned to each Brambati customer via email)
  • Machine/system type with serial number or electrical diagram
  • Contact to call
  • Severity of the failure (computer, non-blocking, partially blocking, completely down)

Web portal

It can be reached from any web browser at

Each customer accesses their own dedicated area (username and password are communicated along with the customer code) from which they can:

- open a new request for assistance

- manage an open ticket by adding additional information or images

- perform analysis of previous tickets and statistics

A unique ticket number will be assigned to every service request. The ticket will be managed by the Front Office staff or sent to the appropriate specialist according to time priority and type and severity of the failure, identifying the perfect specialist for a prompt solution to the problem.

There are 3 contract levels available:

Bronze with pay service on an hourly basis and the right to call

Silver with an annual contract, right to priority level 2, and uninterrupted business hours

Gold with an annual contract, right to priority level 1, uninterrupted business hours, and extended hours

Please contact your representative for any information regarding the customer code, portal access data, advantages in subscribing to a contract, or detailed information about the service.