Environmental policy

Deeming the preservation of the environment as essential for the quality of life and for a sustainable development, with the document herein Brambati S.p.A. intends to:

• express its will to balance the necessities of economic development and value creation with the respect and protection of the environment;

• express the corporate guidelines for the preservation of the environment;

• share the related management principles with the interested parties (employees, collaborators, contractors, trade union associations, institutions, citizens, etc.);

• encourage the participation and collaboration of all interested parties, being aware that their active contribution is crucial to the achievement of the purposes regarding the environmental protection;

• implement, document and maintain active an Environmental Management System in compliance with the provisions of the ISO 14001: 2015 standard.

The environmental policy of Brambati S.p.A. consists of the management principles below:

• full compliance with current legislation (including any other environmental norm to which Brambati S.p.A. has adhered), with the reference legislation and with the corporate proceedings in terms of environmental protection and preservation;

• implementation of design techniques with Ecodesign which make it possible to assess the indirect environmental and economic impact of the production and use of company-owned machines during their life cycle;

• adoption of processes and technologies capable of preventing and/or reducing the environmental impact;

• optimisation of production activities, aimed at reducing the environmental impacts directly related to them, with special attention to the management of generated waste and to the risks associated with the utilisation of pollutants;

• use of vehicles and materials endowed with characteristics that comply with the current environmental legislation, such as low consumption, low environmental impact, recyclability;

• promotion of a culture aimed at implementing correct behaviours within the company, in terms of protection and preservation of the environment and territory, by means of constant awareness raising activities;

• development, by means of training and information, of professional skills and commitment to work in compliance with the procedures for preservation, sustainability, prevention and protection;

• involvement and participation of personnel in the process of continuous improvement and in sustainability activities in terms of environmental protection;

• increase in environmental performances and in the subsequent levels of physical and intellectual wellness of workers, by the means of a work organisation designed for the purpose and through the provision of proper economic, human and technological resources;

• development of the general awareness according to which each employee, at the various company levels, based on his/her own skills and degree of responsibility, is responsible for sustainability and environmental preservation and protection;

• involvement of the whole supply chain in sustainability, protection and preservation of the environment, specifically through the communication of policy and objectives and through the cooperation and coordination of the contractual relationship at every stage;

• continuous control of the management of environmental preservation and protection, through the critical analysis of the achieved results and through the review of the aforementioned principles and of the Environmental Management System, part of the IQMS.

Specifically, this Environmental Policy aims at the prevention of all types of pollution, it represents the guide for a continuous improvement of the environmental performance and of the related Management System (also through the research for the constant updating of the technologies used and for the best scientific knowledge) and, in addition, constitutes the reference framework for the definition and review of the environmental goals pursued by Brambati S.p.A..

The Management of Brambati S.p.A. is committed to the implementation of the Environmental Policy principles and of the objectives originating from it and, for this reason, makes available the needed structure and resources and implements periodic monitoring of the achievement of purposes and, where necessary, arranges the appropriate improvement or corrective actions.

The Environmental Policy, along with the other Policies adopted by the Company, also has the role of a corporate communication document; in order to allow its maximum dissemination within Brambati S.p.A., this document is made available on company notice boards and can be found on the Company's website.

It is the task of the Heads of the corporate functions to:

• make sure that this document is understood by the company’s collaborators and, if necessary, provide any requested clarifications;

• implement the appropriate measures, so that employees can correctly operate in carrying out their duties in terms of environmental respect.

The Environmental Policy, together with the other Policies, is periodically reviewed and revised - usually as part of the Management review - in order to take into account any new Management intentions and/or any changes that have occurred.